Investors and international organizations

Yozma Consulting constantly monitors and maps investment opportunities and acts as a connection point between pivotal players in the ecosystem and our clients. We help investors and international organizations find the opportunities relevant for the successful execution of their missions, offer assistance with partner matching and technology scouting, due diligence, collaboration with leading players and exploiting the opportunities Israel has to offer. We help achieve goals, such as procuring cutting edge technologies, partnering with R&D teams, strengthen brands, establishing an innovation center in the Start-up nation and much more.

Hi-tech scouting

Yozma Consulting is constantly mapping and monitoring all elements of the ecosystem, such as – corporations, academia, government and more, to be able to provide our customers with recent and accurate information. Moreover, we are always on the lookout for promising technologies and entrepreneurs. 

The process of mapping, allows for tracking potential recruitments, observe new technologies and technological trends. Our mapping process provides several advantages:


  • We collect data unavailable to the public, thus supplying our clients with the most precise picture, allowing for the most informed decision making.

  • The mapping can be done periodically, upon request, or as an ongoing process.

  • In order to perform complex analysis processes, we work with expert consultants from various fields, both business and technological.

Partnership and Collaborations

Israel is a rare arena of investment opportunities – with over 400 multinational corporations, remarkable growth of startup enterprises (1,500 new ventures / a year), 90 Venture Capital funds, 200 micro-funds and Angel investors, 70 accelerators and Tech Transfer Offices. We help our clients by marking likely candidates for cooperation

Projects and Open Innovation

By acquiring our services, our customers can bring themselves closer to innovation and gain access to emerging technologies. We, at Yozma Consulting, are experienced with clients looking to establish a base of operations in Israel and achieve complex and difficult goals, such as introducing their brand to the region, create a framework for a wider deal flows, and so forth.

Every year, Yozma Consulting plans and implements a variety of projects tailored to the needs of its clients – such as, establishing accelerators, directing competitions, pitch events, roundtable events and more. Yozma, provides all the necessary services required to the successful operation of the events – including, location, marketing, guidance, projection and sound equipment, refreshments, guest lecturers, translation services and more.

The "Startup Nation" Experience

As a firm founded in Israel, the “Startup Nation”, with deep roots in the ecosystem, we lead delegations, offer lectures, workshops and field trips focused on entrepreneurship, innovation and exploration of the “Startup Nation.”

We are equipped to manage all hosting-related aspects, including constructing the visit plan, scheduling meeting and providing sleeping accommodations, meals and transportation.

Does your company need our services? Message us today.


Advanced Technologies Park (ATP)

Beer-Sheva, Israel

Tel Aviv, Israel



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