Yossi Shavit
CEO and founder

Yosef (Yossi) Shavit is a serial entrepreneur, an enthusiastic innovation-ecosystem promoter and an innovation scouter. Mr. Shavit uses his vast network to generate cooperation between Israeli and international organizations. He leads a wide range of programs and frameworks, designed to promote entrepreneurship and innovation, in Israel and abroad. He gives lectures around the world, backs and consults innovation promoters and eco-system stakeholders.

Yossi is the owner of Yozma (Initiative) Consulting (www.yozma-consulting.com), a business consulting firm which has been delivering high-quality professional services since its foundation in 2005. Yozma customers ranges from early-stage startups to multinationals, governments, foreign investors and leading organizations from the hi-tech, business and public sectors. The firm’s services include strategy formulation, market research and creation of innovation supporting programs and frameworks. The firm utilizes its vast network to scout innovation and facilitate new cooperation, thus keeping the firm’s clients relevant and competitive, bringing them closer to achieving their goals.


In addition, Mr Shavit is the founder and CEO of Inno-Negev Technology Accelerator (www.innonegev.com), one of the leading acceleration programs in Israel. He is also the assembler of the largest pool of hi-tech mentors in Israel, a pool which includes a group of over 60 leading figures in the industry. As part of his role, he leads a community of hundreds of entrepreneurs and helps dozens of startups every year.


Yossi utilizes his many expertises for his role in the academia. Yossi is the director of the Bengis Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (www.bengis.org). Located at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU), the Bengis Center is a leading entrepreneurship unit in an academic framework in Israel. His role demands him to strengthen the innovation ecosystem in the Negev (the southern district of Israel, which represents 60% of the country’s land). Among his responsibilities are heading the business consultation and guidance services of students and staff members, leading dozens of annual events and hosting international delegations.


Each year, Yossi plans, executes and leads entrepreneurship-related programs for students from Israel and abroad (both academic and practical). Three such programs are the GO-IN initiative an international network of academic entrepreneurship centers aims to improve the effectiveness of education globally via a shared innovation network, which promotes among others, the Entrepreneurship & Innovation track, for international students, at BGU and the BGUInnovationLab – the University’s hub for students and graduates who are promoting groundbreaking technologies. Additionally, Yossi’s experience provides him with the ability to use applied content and field experience in an assortment of academic courses relating to entrepreneurship and management which he leads, at both BGU and Sapir Academic College. Some of these courses are in cooperation with leading academic institutions abroad.


In the past, Yossi directed and was responsible for numerous projects concerning guidance, accompaniment and consultancy for entrepreneurs and businesses. Throughout the years and to this very day, Yossi is volunteering in various projects, working to reduce social gaps through innovative ways of occupation.


Yossi has a bachelor's degree in Health Systems Management and an MBA degree in Business Administration, specializing in Entrepreneurship and Hi-Tech Management. He is a professional business consultant, in the fields of strategy, marketing and small & medium businesses, to attest for his professionalism, he is certified by The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, as well as The Negev Development Authority and The Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption, Israel.

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Advanced Technologies Park (ATP)

Beer-Sheva, Israel

Tel Aviv, Israel



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