Academia and public sectors

Yozma Consulting supports its customers from the academic and public sectors,  in formulating and executing projects, crafting innovation encouraging strategies and in strengthening their innovative eco-systems while becoming a vital part of it. 

We offer our clients advice based on years of experience, helping them to set the right goals and provide the necessary tools for achieving them, by  matching innovative programs with customers’ needs and utilize our network to facilitate new cooperation.

Create and Strengthen Innovation & Entrepreneurship

We formulate educational activities and programs for the creation and strengthening of innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystems. This is supported by vast experience in creating Acceleration programs, communities, forums and services for entrepreneurs and startups.

Open Innovation

Firms look to advance themselves and cannot afford to rely entirely on their own research. One way of doing so is using open innovation to be exposed to both external and internal ideas. With the services our firm provides, our customers can bring themselves closer to innovation and gain access to emerging technologies.

Our firm is experienced in planning and executing open innovation programs based on unique event concepts, including Un-Conferences, Hackathons, “Entrepreneurship on the bar” events, pitch contests, academic conferences, etc.

The "Startup Nation" Experience

As a firm founded in Israel, the “Startup Nation”, with deep roots in the ecosystem, we offer lectures, workshops and field trips focused on entrepreneurship, innovation and exploration of the “Startup Nation.”

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Advanced Technologies Park (ATP)

Beer-Sheva, Israel

Tel Aviv, Israel



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