Early stage startups and entrepreneurs

Yozma Consulting focuses on startups from the fields of ICT (Information & Communication Technologies). We see ourselves as a catalyst for ideation, toward creating technologies that will change the world. In order to do so, the firm offers a range of applied guidance services in three main fields – Idea Formulation, Strategic Planning and teaching the principle of presenting (pitching) to investors. Investor Preparation.

Idea Formulation

At the beginning of your new venture in the hi-tech world everything seems interesting and full of potential, but also quite confusing. Before you dive in and dedicate yourself to your dream, professional feedback will get you on the right track, highlight your core needs, answer important questions and save you vast resources (time, money and much more).

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is vital for increasing startups’ likelihood of success. The market, team, timing, momentum and regulations are just a few sources of uncertainty that a startup must face. Our firm covers these aspects, formulating in-depth strategic plans that touch on critical decisions such as penetration strategy, value proposition, business model, R&D, financial planning and more.

This allows the startup team to concentrate and maximize the limited resources at hand, while increasing the company's growth and success.

Investor Preparation

Getting funded is difficult and time consuming. The firm provides support in obtaining investments by:

  • Mapping potential investors. Choosing the right investors is imperative for your success. We start  by finding the proper funding source for your startup, in relation to your field and growth stage. This includes angel investors, VCs, grants, crowd-funding,etc. We believe that it’s important to get the investment but also to get it from the right source,  bringing“smart money” to the table.

  • Creating a convincing presentation to present to investors.

  • Providing support in the planning and execution of your roadmap.

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Advanced Technologies Park (ATP)

Beer-Sheva, Israel

Tel Aviv, Israel



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